Drayage: is it the name of a fee, a type of truck, or a transportation service? If you work in goods transportation, you’ve likely heard this term.

Drayage plays an integral role in the multi-billion dollar global intermodal freight transportation industry. Like many other industries, intermodal freight transportation took a hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. Those in shipping and logistics need not worry, the industry has since made a record-breaking comeback in the first quarter of 2021.

Drayage has many meanings in shipping which makes understanding what it is difficult. When people in transportation services use this term, they’re likely talking about carrying freight over a short distance. It can also refer to the name of the fee charged for services by a shipping company and to the vehicle used to collect the shipment at a hub or port.

With the recent boom in the intermodal transportation industry, now is a better time than ever to dive into and learn about drayage. Keep reading for our breakdown into this method of goods transportation.

Breakdown of Classifications

There are many short-distance transportation services grouped under the term drayage. The Intermodal Association of North America (the IANA) sorts these classifications into the following categories:

  • Door-to-Door: Retail units are taken to the customer via roadways
  • Expedited: Units containing time-sensitive material goods are transported in a timely and efficient manner
  • Inter-Carrier: Units are moved over a short distance between different carriers
  • Intra-Carrier: Transporting units between two hubs owned by the same carrier
  • Pier: Goods are transported from a prior hub to a pier unit or hub
  • Shuttle: Units are moved to parking or storing areas temporarily to relieve overcrowding in hubs

The services you need determine which drayage classification you use. Some drayage service methods are better suited for certain businesses.

Why Use Drayage?

Many businesses rely on drayage services to stay afloat. Shopping malls rely on drayage services to get freight in and out of stores. Without access to an external loading area, drayage services deliver to the storefront or to a delivery hub in the mall.

Like shopping malls, trade shows regularly use drayage services. Trade shows rely on these services to move exhibitors in and out of sites quickly and neatly.

It would be near impossible to ship perishable goods if it weren’t for drayage.

This service plays an essential role in the cold chain. This term refers to the transportation of temperature-sensitive goods. Pharmaceutical drugs and certain foods like meat are some goods that need the cold chain.

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