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Our commitment to excellence is what drives our trucks day in and day out. Let our commitment be your advantage. 

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When time is money, you need transportation that gets the job done fast. Let us take your business across the nation with reliable transportation. 

We take great pride in knowing that we have built a strong team of drivers that are dedicated to getting your product from one destination to the next in a timely fashion. We’re not like those other trucking companies. We are committed to excellence in everything we do.

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Whatever your shipping needs may be, Foxconn Logistics has a wide variety of flatbeds in our fleet to safely transport your goods to their final destination. We provide your business with the dream team of dedicated drivers and a top-quality fleet of trucks for every single job.

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Over the Road Trucking

When your company needs to make a large delivery from Florida to California, you can’t rely on just any over the road trucking company. You need a trusted and reliable logistics company that can ensure a perfect delivery every single time. As a premier over the road trucking company, we deliver the best in experienced drivers and a highly-trained operations team that sees every job through from beginning to end. 

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Expedited Trucking

Are you shipping items that have to arrive at their destination at a specific time? What about needing to ship items that require delicate handling and need to get to their location as soon as possible? Then, you need a trucking company that is not only reliable to get the delivery there on time but also, trustworthy enough to handle your goods. Foxconn Logistics is the team you want for these types of runs. 

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