Together with our transportation partners, the Foxconn team leverages network visibility, key analytics, and metrics in real-time to keep you ahead of the market.

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Foxconn’s complete stack of technology supports our carriers, customers, and employees in all their transportation and logistics needs.

We understand the value of impactful technology to streamline your everyday tasks and manage complicated processes while providing status and location transparency to all your shipments.



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Our ability to automate data and processes has separated us and our partners from the competition.

Two logistics workers wearing hard hats supervising a shipping container being loaded

Single-Source Freight Management

Single-source freight management leverages Foxconn’s experience, technology and employees to provide a total transportation solution. We assume complete responsibility of your transportation needs through consulting and operations while remaining committed to reducing expenses and increasing performance, allowing our partners to focus more on their core competency.

Managed Transportation Procurement

We help our customers reduce supply chain costs by combining technology, expertise and impactful logistics solutions. Whether it be RFP sourcing, contract management or routing, we will get your transportation on the right path to the best in class.