When moving your goods from sea to land or railway to roadway, Foxconn Logistics can make this transition efficient and simple for your business. 

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Foxconn Logistics is a leader at all ocean ports and rail ramps!

Foxconn Logistics has been in the business of moving goods and products through various channels for decades. Our experience in the industry has allowed us to create long lasting relationships with ports around the country to get your goods out of the water and on the roadways. 

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Ocean Port Drayage

When utilizing intermodal freight, ocean port drayage plays a vital role in keeping your goods moving from destination to destination. Our presence in the United States has positioned us as a leader in ocean port drayage. 

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Rail Ramp Drayage

The railway is where America laid its foundations to expanding, and the railway is where your business will lay its foundations to exponential growth. Although ocean ports have become a vital part of the shipping process, railways are still the unsung hero of moving product throughout the country. 

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For when you have an unused shipping container just sitting in a freight yard, Foxconn Logistics provides storage spaces for any sized container you might have so that you don’t have to pay unnecessary storage fees to the dock or station master. 

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