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The logistics industry in the United States is thriving, with the market size expected to surpass $334 billion in 2026. Third-party logistics (3PL) companies play an essential role in the supply chain. They help manage the flow of goods and services between your company and your clients.

To reap the full benefits of using 3PL companies, you need to know exactly what services these companies provide. This way, you can know whether your logistics service provider is giving you good value for money.

In today’s blog, we take a closer look at four things to expect from a logistics service company. Let’s dive right in.

Procurement and Receiving

One of the crucial supply chain services offered by 3PL companies is procurement. This service is based on ordering products from high up in the supply chain.

Part of the procurement and receiving service is managing your inventory on your behalf. Your service provider will take note of dwindling stock and raise orders with your suppliers.

These providers often also serve as trucking companies to ensure the goods are shipped from the supplier to their warehouse. Once there, your service provider will receive the goods and manage storage until the products are required elsewhere.

Order Fulfillment

Your logistics service provider will also take charge of your order management, fulfillment, and distribution. As part of this service, the 3PL company receives requests for products from you. They also manage your inventory, deducting from your stock levels whenever there are orders for goods.

Your logistics provider will also pick up the requested goods from their storage and pack them so they’re ready for shopping. Next, they’ll arrange for the item to be loaded and distributed to its destination.

Storage and Warehousing

3PL warehousing is another valuable service you can expect from your logistics provider. They ensure the safe storage of your products until they are required elsewhere. They may offer public warehousing that’s assigned to clients based on demand, capacity, and priority.

Your service provider may also contract warehousing that’s preassigned to specific customers for a given duration. For goods that require special storage, 3PL service providers can take care of that.

As part of this service, your products enjoy top-grade security. this is especially beneficial if you’re dealing with highly valuable goods. There’s also in-warehouse tracking and positioning. These services ensure easy identification, efficient storage, and swift retrieval of products.


The other top service you can expect from a shipping and logistics service provider is the distribution to your end customers. Most companies will offer a variety of distribution types from which you can choose. These include cross-docking, drayage, truckload, intermodal, drop deck, and intermodal.

Distribution with a 3PL company is highly efficient. These service providers are experts in fleet optimization using AI mapping and modeling.

The Right Logistics Service Provider Can Boost Your Company

Part of being a responsible entrepreneur is staying on top of your supply chain. By working with a reliable logistics service provider, you can significantly improve the flow of goods from your suppliers to the end-user.

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