over the road trucking

The U.S. is currently short on 80,000 truck drivers needed to keep supply chains in good working order. Truckers are the backbone of the shipping and logistics industry, they transport goods across state and even border lines.

The most crucial role to fill is over the road trucking. Not sure, what over the road trucking is? It’s a vital part of the supply chain and truck driving profession. Continue reading to learn more.

What Is Over The Road Trucking?

To better understand what it is, let’s explain what it’s not. There is local truck driving, regional, and over the road.

Local drivers can expect to be at home by the end of the day. Typically they stay within their state but may have to cross a state line every once in a while.

Regional usually consists of a large portion of land, often encompassing multiple states. Truck drivers will frequently cross state borders and may have to spend a few consecutive days away from home.

Over the road truckers, spend extended periods away from home. They will spend a majority of their time on the road traveling across the country, and in some instances across the border into Canada and Mexico.

This role may require sleeping in hotels and motels, or even inside the truck itself. Sometimes over the road trucking jobs are handled in pairs. Two drivers take shifts to ensure timely delivery of goods despite the long distances. You also need to pass a test to receive a class A CDL license.

The Benefits

Although this job means spending a lot of time away from home, for some that is not an obstacle. If you’re eager to travel and see the world, over the road trucking can take you everywhere across the U.S. and even into other countries.

You’ll never be out of work, truck driving jobs are plentiful, and everyday deliveries need to be shipped and carried. Anywhere you’re located in the U.S. you’re likely to find companies that need drivers.

The biggest plus here is that you get paid higher than regional or local truck drivers, with the average salary for an OTR trucker being $57,484.

Trucking And Logistics

Some logistics service companies that provide information and support for truckers. Often called, “third-party logistic companies” they offer statistical and analytical data in regards to trucking. This includes making economical decisions about shipping, calculating the best routes for truck drivers to use, as well as offering new ways to make trucking more efficient.

It’s expected that there will be increased growth for these third-party logistic companies as they assist in adapting supply chains. Many companies employ them to streamline their shipping and carrying as well as offer helpful resources to truck drivers. One resource is providing ELDs for truck drivers which allows them to log hours and record mileage.

Loaded Up And Trucking

Over the road trucking is a vital part of trucking and the supply chain system, you now should have a better understanding of why that is. If you would like to learn more about trucking and trucking logistics, explore the wide array of services offered at Foxconn and get started today.