The Small Business Administration notes logistics as a crucial task that businesses should look to third party companies for. But doing so is much easier said than done, since many aren’t familiar with working with third party logistics as a strategy.

So what are third party logistics companies? How do they benefit your company and how does it all work?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find out more about how a third party logistics company is a sound and effective operational strategy. 

What Are Third Party Logistics Companies?

Before we dive into how third party logistics companies benefit your business, let’s first get a good understanding of what they are. They’re essentially an external business that manages parts of your logistics operations

That means handling things like transportation, packaging, materials handling, and warehousing just to name a few. Outsourcing these tasks to third parties has been around for decades, but it has really picked up due to e-commerce.

But why do companies like to use these services? Let’s dive a little deeper into why modern businesses like to contract third party logistics companies.

Why Companies Use Logistics Service Providers

The name of the game here is operational efficiency. Sometimes your business doesn’t have the time or the resources to lay out your logistics plans properly. 

When that’s eating up too much of a company’s time, that’s when third party logistics service providers come in. By outsourcing logistics, companies can save a lot of money since providers often do services in bulk.

Third party companies are also highly efficient at any task you ask them to do. This boosts your company’s efficiency since your staff is handling more pertinent tasks while a provider is taking care of all your logistics needs.

When you add all that up, your company will have more time to do pertinent tasks while saving plenty of money, resources, and manpower. For many, this means greater efficiency and higher profits down the line. 

Choosing The Right Third Party Logistics Service Provider

Now that you know the reasons why working with third party logistics companies is so important, let’s go over how you can hook up with the right one. It’s all about finding the best company to suit your needs.

Find a provider that can adequately meet your company’s volume. Do they have the tools needed to meet all your shipping requirements?

Reliability is another crucial component. Having a company that’s open about its services and communicates frequently is important when you’re transporting goods down a long supply chain. 

Ask a provider about how they handle their supply chain services and how they monitor their third party logistics. The more they can tell you, the better. 

Finding The Best Third Party Logistics Company

Third party logistics companies are there for you to improve your logistics and supply chain services and make time for more important needs. Use this article to help you decide whether to contact a third party logistics company.

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