flatbed companies

When choosing from the many flatbed companies that exist, you want a list of factors to help you pick the best. The flatbed trucking company you hire needs to keep you on schedule. It needs to get the job done with minimal issues.

The factors include things like what kind of fleet they have and making sure they have insurance. Getting this information is important to keep your job running smoothly. Read on to learn about five things to look for when hiring flatbed trucking services.

1. Insurance And Licensing

If a flatbed trucking company does not have insurance or licensing up to date, walk away. Without the proper licenses and insurance, there is a real chance that using this company could cost you far more money than you expect. Any reputable company will show you proof of insurance and licenses whenever you ask!

2. Size And Condition Of Their Fleet

The flatbed trucking company you choose should have a top-of-the-line fleet. It should have a regular and rigorous maintenance routine for its flatbed trailers. They should also have a sizable fleet that can accommodate any orders you send to them.

This fleet should also be able to accommodate a variety of types of orders. A good service should be able to handle many types of flatbed loads. Flatbed trucking isn’t always one size fits all!

3. Cargo Protection

When you need to hire a flatbed trailer to haul delicate goods. This includes things like drywall. Getting rain on your goods while in transit can lead to disaster.

Know what your chosen flatbed trucking company uses to protect your precious cargo! Make sure they use tarps or other weather-proof material to protect your goods from the elements. A company that doesn’t consider this isn’t worth your time.

4. Securing The Cargo

How a company secures its cargo can give you the bigger picture of how a company operates. You want to find out ahead of time whether they use chains, straps, or something else. In the best-case scenario, the company will use both chains and straps, so look for that.

If they only use chains, double-check that there’s no damage to the cargo. Check with past clients to see if this policy has affected them, so you have a better picture. You want your cargo secure, but only if it isn’t damaged.

5. Quality Drivers

A flatbed trailer may carry the load, but the drivers are a company’s biggest asset. Don’t be afraid about asking a company about its drivers, and ask former clients about the drivers. It’s as important as the company’s fleet of flatbed trailers!

Flatbed Companies

There are many flatbed companies out there and you need to have a solid list of points to check against. Picking the wrong flatbed trucking service will cost you more than money. Use these five things and secure yourself the best company out there.

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